As a member of Hotel Tech Report's community of top vendors, we know how dedicated you are to building great products that your customers love.  As top vendors continue to to successfully leverage Hotel Tech Report as their secret weapon for enabling their sales and marketing teams with real customer proof to close deals faster--its time for the next step into a brighter future for our wonderful world of hotel technology.  That's where integrations comes in...

The impetus for integrations

Most of you have told us how frustrated you are by the old guard, products that don't interact with each other and 'all things to all people' software.  These market conditions lead to frustrated hoteliers, sub-par products and painfully long sales cycles which stifle industry innovation and is more than likely why joined the resistance (we mean Hotel Tech Report...) in the first place.

Integrations search highlights companies who (a) build great products and (b) collaborate with other top vendors in the community to make hoteliers lives easier

If you are reading this article you're likely no stranger to the importance of focus when it comes to building great products that customers love.  Focus is about knowing what you do well and knowing why you do it--but equally as important is knowing what you DON'T do.  

List your integrations today to join us in the next step of the journey to a more connected, integration and efficient market

This is the next step in the journey to a more connected, integrated and efficient hotel technology market and we're beyond excited to invite {{|your company}} to take this next step by listing your integrations today.

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