The answer in short is everyone! You can have unlimited members of your team gain access to your company's profiles (totally free).

Who should gain access to your profile by role and in order of importance:

  • Have a marketing or product marketing manager manage the content of each of your profiles.  Make sure this is someone who specializes in the product and can (a) make sure your company looks its best and (b) can keep the info current and fresh
  • CMO/Head of Marketing: Hotel Tech Report provides frequent marketing and promotional opportunities that are offered to employees who have access to your company's profile.  Make sure marketing as access to stay in the loop and so they don't miss any opportunities
  • Customer success/account reps: Customer success teams are the ones on the front lines with customers so gaining access to your profile is critical for them.  Firstly and most importantly they will be the ones to kick off your initial review campaigns using Hotel Tech Report's review generation email templates and/or 1-click review request feature in the vendor dashboard.  Once claimed, they'll start receiving review notifications to be able to manage existing clients and will be able to reply to reviews on the site as well (coming soon).  
  • CEO/C-suite: Keep a pulse on customer feedback and the competition with notifications, updates, new marketing opportunities for your company and news alerts.
  • Product managers: Get new review notifications and hotelier feature requests to help guide your roadmap.  Product managers are also able to keep your company's integrations listings current to boost your visibility and help hoteliers find your products.
  • Sales teams: Hotel Tech Report provides sales enablement tools such as email footers and product comparisons for your sales teams.  Make sure your sales 

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