As a benefit to vendors who have claimed their profiles, we have some automated processes to try to help generate reviews to boost your ranking and improve your profile that begin once you claim and stop once you have a base level of reviews so your company is presented in a positive light to hotel tech buyers.

While there are lots of subtle ways to identify this info, the two most common are either:
(a) a hotelier writes a review and lists the other products they have experience with
(b) the software identifies a product from the hotel’s website for a hotelier that has written a review based on their email domain

Once detected, a review request is sent to the vendor from a Hotel Tech Report account using your profile's review request feature (more on the request feature here).  

What if I want the automated review generation turned off for my company or one of our products?

Just let us know! This feature was built to help simplify and automate review generation as a benefit to vendors who have registered but are struggling to get customer feedback but we can  turn this off and are happy to do so anytime all you have to do is write in via the live chat to let us know and it will be turned off within 24-hours.

What if I want it turned back on in the future to help us get reviews?

If you’d ever like it reinstated just let me know and its super easy to do.  Also, if you have any questions or need any help getting started feel free to reach out any time.

Need help getting reviews to boost your ranking?

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