If you can dive into the html of your company's website, Copy (Ctrl+C) + Paste (Ctrl+P) and you're all set!  

If you have a separate web development team who you want to add it for you:
Step 1: Navigate to the 'widget' tab of one of the vendor dashboard
Step 2: Press the big green 'copy widget code' button
Step 3: Send an email to your website developer with your widget code pasted into it asking them to add it to the footer of your website. 

Accessing your widget from the vendor dashboard

4 Benefits of adding the reviews widget to your site

  1. Build trust with prospects: Show off your reviews and build trust with prospects by adding the widget to your home page, site footer or next to the 'request demo' lead capture form/page on your website to help seal the deal.
  2. Get SEO benefit: Once added to your company's website, you'll start getting the SEO benefit of review rich snippets showing up in searches for your brand.com domain
  3. Sweet javascript animation: A lot of vendors have told us how much they like the JS animation on our home page so...we decided to share it with you via the widget to make your website even cooler--enjoy! ; )

Have questions or experiencing any conflicting styles with your website?

Reach out to us anytime via the 24/7 live chat on Hotel Tech Report and we'll help you resolve it quickly.

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