There are 2-methods hoteliers can use to edit an existing review or update its contents to make it more current.

#1 How can hoteliers edit an existing review?

  • Login to Hotel Tech Report using the LinkedIn account that they used to write the review initially  (note: if the account doesn't match, we won't be able to verify and publish the change)
  • Let us know which product review from which date they would like changed and what they would like edited
  • Edits will be made within 24-hours and published to the site (the date of the review will also be updated to reflect the date the changes were made)

#2 How can hoteliers make an old review current?

  • Write a new review
  • When it is submitted, it will override their existing review of the respective product
  • Once it is verified and published live to the site, it will reflect the new date and updated review content

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