• What is changing? While the max HotelTechScore you can see visible on Hotel Tech Report is 100, vendors currently have the ability to earn 110 points because of an extra boost built into the algorithm for claimed profiles
  • The Problem: Vendors currently have the ability to earn 110 points because of an extra boost built into the algorithm for claimed profiles.  Initially this helped new vendors gain a superficial boost while they began their first review campaigns, however, now that 300+ top vendors have claimed their profiles and ran their first review campaigns--it serves no purpose (and actually makes the HT Score less accurate!).  With 5 category ties at the end of the HotelTechAwards, several companies  expressed a need to improve the HotelTechScore.
  • Ranking Change: While the 'claim profile boost' being removed will likely lead to a decreased HT Score, it will do so across the board.  As such, while your score may change--your ranking will not.

Why is this changing?
Like Google's search algorithm that has many signals (or factors) that get improved and refined over time to help improve search and identify high quality content providers, the HotelTechScore is the same.  

With companies surging towards the finish during the 2018 HotelTechAwards, we quickly found many vendors reaching the 100pt ceiling tying for 1st place (imagine if every search result in Google were equally as enticing...Google would be less useful).  As a means for helping hoteliers to identify and understand technology, we continue to add signals and variables to help hoteliers identify and learn about the best tech and what differentiates each product.

New criteria coming soon:

  • Monday February 25th: Preliminary removal of the claim profile boost
  • May 2018: Implementing tie breaker criteria into the HT Score Learn more

Will my companies' HT Score drop after the update?

Unless your company had an actual score of 100, your score will drop to reflect your actual raw score without the claim profile boost.  While scores will drop, rankings will immediately be more accurate.  On Monday February 26th Hotel Tech Report will remove the claim boost for all companies.  If your company's score is lower than expected please review our best practices with tips, tools and templates for running turnkey review campaigns.  If you have any questions as always, please free to reach out anytime via our 24/7 live chat.  

More details and an example of how the claim boost worked

Currently, while the max score you can see visible on Hotel Tech Report is 100, vendors currently have the ability to earn 110 points because of an extra boost built into the algorithm for claimed profiles.

Why can vendors earn higher than 100 currently?
In the early days of Hotel Tech Report, we included a 10 pt boost when a vendor 'claimed' their profile.  We did this in order to give vendors who only had a handful of customer reviews a chance to get reviews and improve their scores.  Since nobody had close to the 100 pt maximum, this helped ensure that vendors across the board (all vendors have this boost) had scores that weren't shockingly low to hoteliers.

What has changed?
Now that our global community of 300+ top hotel tech vendors are committed to our shared mission of transparency and customer feedback to improve our industry, we have had a number of vendors who actually have over 100 pts HotelTechScore.  This is a great thing! 

Congrats to the following vendors: IDeaS, TrustYou, Rainmaker, Mews, Oaky, Guestline, Quore, ALICE, HelloShift, Amadeus, Guestline, HotelIQ and Whistle...your customers  absolutely love your products and services and want to shout it off a mountain top!

So what does this mean?
Since there is a 10 pts boost for claiming your profile that makes your total points out of 110 instead of 100, but the max HT Score is 100--it means that vendors who have anywhere between 90-100 pts and have claimed their profiles will currently display an HT Score of 100.  

Lets look at an example:

Company A
Raw HT Score: 90 pts
Claimed Profile Boost: 10 pts
Total Score: 100 pts
Displayed Score: 100 pts

Company B
Raw HT Score: 100 pts
Claimed Profile Boost: 10 pts
Total Score: 110 pts
Displayed Score: 100 pts

As you can see, Company B technically has a higher HT Score but because of the claim profile boost both companies appear to have the same HT Score.  It is for this reason we will be removing this boost for claimed profiles.   

Now that almost all companies have claimed their profiles, claiming your profile no longer will add points to your HT Score.

In the example, that means that Company A who has a raw score of 90 will see their score drop when the update is released, and Company B who has a score of 100 will maintain their same score.

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