While having your customer success managers reach out to their client contacts is a great initial source of feedback, it has its limitations because you're leaving out the majority of your user base.

Getting feedback from users within your app opens up a whole new pool of users/reviewers making it easy to generate lots of reviews with minimal setup or outreach in a non-invasive way for customers.

Below are 3 of the top ways vendors have added an in-app message to easily generate reviews and boost their ranking on Hotel Tech Report.


Option 1: Add a simple plain text message in your dashboard


Option 2: Add a more visual banner to increase visibility and click through

Reach out via live chat if you'd like to request to have Hotel Tech Report design your in-app message for you to match your app's branding.


Option 3: Add an incentive to increase conversions and get more reviews

Since all reviews on Hotel Tech Report are anonymous, offering an incentive is a great option since users are still able to leave their open and honest feedback.  


Want a $100 gift card to run your first in-app review campaign?

Hotel Tech Report offers vendors $100 in incentive credit when you run your first in-app campaign that can be used for things like an Amazon Giftcard, Starbucks Giftcard or a massage gift card that reviewers enter to win when they leave a review between certain dates.  Reach out via the 24/7 live chat to request your company's free $100 credit from Hotel Tech Report for your first campaign.


Where to add your in-app message for maximum effectiveness

Adding a banner front and center when users log into your app is the easiest way to get more reviews.  


Where to direct your users when they click on your in-app message

You can either take them directly to your product's review page and have it open in a new window or you can have your developers embed the the review form on a page in your app so they never have to leave.  

Note: In order to maximize effectiveness of your in app message, is important to remember to use your specific review link.


Already use an in-app feedback tool to communicate with users?

If you use an in-app feedback/messaging tool like Intercom you can easily message users asking them to write a review with almost no effort at all.  This gives you the benefits of the above in-app message and all you have to do is create a message to users when they are logged in asking them to leave a review.  
(Other in app feedback tools: Intercom, Uservoice, Get Satisfaction, Usabilia)

*Note: Make sure to include your specific review link to take them directly to your product's review page ex. https://hoteltechreport.com/write-a-review/trustyou-messaging/


NPS/Customer Satisfaction Routing

You probably already use an NPS tool like Delighted or Promoter.io to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction (if not, we highly recommend it).  These tools are cheap and easy to use and give you insights to prevent customer frustration and identify new opportunities for your product.  

Once a user completes the 1-10 NPS rating (either in-app, via email, or over SMS)--most tools will offer the ability to route the user to a given URL.  This is your opportunity to generate more reviews.  When a user clicks their star rating, route them to your product's unique 'write-a-review' page (eg. https://hoteltechreport.com/write-a-review/trustyou/)

We've seen vendors get as many as 15 reviews within the first hour of launching their in app message! Here's why:

  • Broader Reach: When you send a marketing email asking for reviews it is only to key contacts of the company which means usually 1 or 2 contacts at the property.  When you send an in-app message it reaches ALL users.
  • Incentives Make it Worth Their While: While you don't have to offer an incentive most hoteliers are super busy so this helps make it worth their while and get them over the hump to write a review.  Click here for a step-by-step on running a giveaway.
  • Urgency Increases Conversion: In our busy world is easy to put things off.  Setting a time frame for the giveaway encourages hoteliers to share their feedback and leave their review today (eg. 'first 20 reviewers win', or 'write a review in the next 30 days')

Want to learn more best practices to generate more reviews?

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