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2018 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech
2019 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech

The '10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech' are one of our personal favorite awards here at Hotel Tech Report.  An incredible work environment is at the core of every major innovation in any industry.

Maintaining a fulfilling work environment is incredibly difficult as any  business scales so we believe that the world should know which companies excel in this area.

Companies must have at least 10 employees to be eligible.

Process & Logistics

Voting for this award will be open from September 1st - December 15th when it closes.  During this time Hotel Tech Report will activate a unique survey link for each participating company.  Aggregate results will be given to the management of each firm but will not be shared anywhere else or posted publicly.

On January 1st 2020, Hotel Tech Report will announce the top 10 firms as ranked by the internal surveys.

Is my company eligible to make the list?

Your company must enter at least one product into the HotelTechAwards to be eligible for the list. Total survey responses must be to the following minimum thresholds based on company size:

  • 10 - 25:     70% of employees
  • 26 - 50:     50% of employees
  • 51 - 100:    35% of employees
  • 101 - 200:  20% of employees
  • 201+ :        15% of employees

Head to the survey

Scoring Methodology

Ranking factors:

  1. Location (employees rate 1-10)
  2. Satisfaction with management (employees rate 1-10)
  3. Work/life balance (employees rate 1-10)
  4. Career growth opportunities (employees rate 1-10)
  5. Gender equality (1-10)
  6. Belief in future of the business (employees rate 1-10)
  7. Participation Rate (employee votes/# of total employees)

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