If you're reading this you probably know how complex the world of hotel tech is.  Most companies have products that fit into multiple categories or have features that fall into different categories.  This is part of the reason why its so hard for hoteliers to learn about new tech and is also why we started Hotel Tech Report.  More on our current categorization here.

That said, we are always looking to improve HTR's taxonomy so please feel free to reach out any time to let us know if you think our taxonomy could be improved or if you think we should add a category.  

Please note that in order to create a new category we must be able to ensure that there will be sufficient interest from hoteliers in the category and have the following criteria:

  1. Must be a known category (vs. a made up by a company for their own marketing purposes). Typical indicator is seeing the category used in content or on other vendor websites

  2. Must have some search volume on Google for the category (indicates buyers are looking for it and know what it is)

  3. Must be other providers (at least 5) that have a product available in the category

If you believe that your category is an exception to these rules we are certainly open to discussing further but these guidelines are in place ultimately to ensure that your category gains visibility and tracking with buyers.

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