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For most hotel tech vendors, offering multiple products and services is quite common given hoteliers' need for integrated services and a single point of contact (to simplify vendor management). 

While this product/service 'bundling' provides hoteliers with convenience and cost benefits (eg. economies of scale when purchasing) it also adds complexity in the buying process by lowering hoteliers' general level of understanding around what products a vendor offers and what those products actually do.

In most circumstances we recommend listing each product and service separately; however, the main question to ask is:

Can your products/services be purchased separately or do they have to be purchased together as a bundle?

(a) If your bundled products and services must be purchased together, then you should have one profile and select the most relevant category to list in.

(b) If your bundled products and services can be purchased separately, then we recommend listing your various product offerings with separate profiles in separate categories.

Lets use an example to understand why listing in multiple categories is beneficial:

Example Scenario:

Let's imagine we're a fictional company called EzHotel that is a digital agency who has also built a proprietary email marketing/CRM software called HotelCRM to provide their clients with a purpose built email marketing system optimized for hotels.

How should EzHotel list their products?

The first question to ask, can the email marketing/CRM tool be purchased separately? If it is only available to clients engaging EzHotel for their digital agency services, then they should list EzHotel in the Digital Marketing Agencies category.  However, lets assume that EzHotel also allows non-clients to purchase their email marketing software HotelCRM without having to utilize their full range of digital marketing services.  In this scenario, HTR recommends that EzHotel have two listings (1) EzHotel listed in Digital Marketing Agencies and (2) HotelCRM by EzHotel in the Email Marketing & CRM category.

Hotelier Benefits:

  • Simpler Discovery: When a hotelier is looking for email marketing software and they go to this category on HTR, they will be able to find HotelCRM by EzHotel.
  • Better Insights: Since HotelCRM by EzHotel has its own profile, it also has its own targeted and more specific reviews from users of the software that aren't lumped into the feedback about EzHotel's digital agency services.  
  • More Transparency: By having a separate listing, hoteliers can learn about the product or service that is relevant to them and their needs, rather than a mouthful about all of EzHotel's offerings.

Vendor Benefits:

  • More Qualified Leads: When a hotelier reaches out to EzHotel from the HotelCRM's profile, EzHotel has more information about what the customer wants which means they can be more targeted in their sales efforts.
  • Increased Customer Education: Instead of having to educate customers during initial discovery calls, incoming leads already know about the specific product that they are interested in and understand how it works, what its benefits are and what users' think about it.
  • Shorter Sales Cycles: Increasing customer education helps qualify leads which in turn shortens your sales cycles.  By the time a customer has reached out through Hotel Tech Report, they will already understand the nuances of your product and will be further down the purchasing funnel with more targeted questions to find out if your product is a good fit for their property or portfolio.
  • Unbundling of Product Associations/Reputation: Maybe one of your products has a great reputation and another is a newer release that you've been working through the kinks on.   Unbundling your products and services on Hotel Tech Report allows each product to speak for, and sell, itself based on its own value proposition and merits.  In this example. maybe EzHotel isn't a top competitor in the digital agency category but HotelCRM is highly rated in the email marketing category.

If you have specific questions about your company's listing/s, feel free to reach out directly via HTR's onsite live chat.

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