Over the past decade hoteliers have been bombarded with content, press releases, partnership announcements and cold calls/emails all claiming to be the 'leading provider of X' and 'a revolutionary product they can't live without'.   Unfortunately this has broken the trust between buyers and sellers and that is what Hotel Tech Report serves to rebuild making it easier for hoteliers to buy, and in-turn for vendors to sell.

Hotel Tech Report's mission is to speed up the pace of innovation for the global hotel industry.  The way we do this is by remaining an unbiased 3rd party platform that gathers, organizes and serves verified insights and data from thousands of hoteliers around the world to help make it easier (and less risky) for hoteliers to discover and adopt new technologies. 

In order to ensure that we are able to maintain a brand that hoteliers know they can trust--we have minimum standards in place before we are able to promote any company that use customer feedback as a check and balance to ensure that any vendors we promote have (a) great products that hoteliers will vouch for and (b) provide great service and have excellent customer relationships.  

Before we are able to discuss any co-promotion, sponsorship or content opportunities, vendors must meet our minimum standards

  1. 10 verified customer reviews (Need help getting reviews? Click here)
  2. 80% likelihood to recommend
  3. 85 HotelTechScore
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